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01 MAR - 30 APR 1980
Frank Aoife Bellatrix

Daily Prophet: Fear of the Dark

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[XX.XX.XXXX] the journey is the destination

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«Trust the Doctor»
The Doctor, The Companion

Дата: Anytime
Локация: Anywhere

Another place needs saving and Doctor can't do it without a companion.



He knew exactly where to land the TARDIS and how to find the place he needed. He hasn't been there for a very long time, yet, he moved quickly and with no shadow of hesitation as a person who does not need any guidance. The clogged streets of modern-day London welcomed him with the shout of drivers who knew exactly who was the moron here and were not afraid to tell it to the world. He was ignoring the busy talk of people, cars, birds who discussed their urgent matters. He had a specific goal and he needed to see one person in the whole world who could help him. The person who would still be glad to see him after everything. He hoped this person would.
His companion, to whom he said goodbye a long time ago, was a person he always trusted. Not only with his life in the dangerous adventures but with the key to the TARDIS which was—and is—the most valuable thing in his life. He hoped the key is still somewhere in the pocket or even in the wallet. It is where people keep the most important things in their lives, aren't they?  Of course, he did not know exactly. He was trying to be positive but a lot of time has passed, and everything might have been changed. But the time is a very relative matter, it is the thing he knew better than everyone else on this planet. Or another.
So, he knew exactly where to land the TARDIS and how to find the place he needed. He had been landing there a thousand times and it did not matter that it all ended a long time ago. For him, the bond with the companions never weakens.
On his way inside the ordinary block of flats where the companion lived, he hesitated for a moment trying to find the right words. Exactly at this moment someone painfully bumped into him. He looked up.
'Get out of the way, kid,' the big guy said. They were standing right in front of the door. The big guy grinned and seized his shoulder, trying to force him to move. No. He could not do that. Even if he looked like a ten-year-old kid, it did not mean someone could be mean to him. To him or to an average ten-year-old kid. Especially to a ten-year-old kid. He knew the planet where being a ten-year-old really made you special.
'Don't,' he said with a quiet and calm voice. He grabbed the arm of the big guy and forced him to duck near him simply pulling his hand without any effort. The big guy almost fell on the floor.
'This is not really nice, you know,' he said and let go of the big guy's arm.
'I'll show you what is nice,' the big guy growled. He tried to seize him once again but he was faster and quickly grabbed the big guy's arm and ensured the next second he was on the floor with the most surprised expression on his face.
'Who the hell are you?' the big guy whispered.
'I am the Doctor,' he replied peacefully. 'Do you happen to know if the inhabitant of apartment number three is home?'
The big guy stood up and quickly walked away leaving the question unanswered. The Doctor shrugged his shoulders and headed to the stairs. Anyway, he could find it out himself, not rocket science. He was just trying to make a conversation.
At the door of the companion's apartment, he did not hesitate as he did not have time for that after the little talk with the big guy. He knocked three times and waited for the door to open, then stepped forward.
'I need you, my friend,' he said. 'We've been through everything, and more. Remember? It means a lot, actually. To me, it is the most important thing in the world. I know I can trust you. That is why I need you to help me.'
He almost forgot he regenerated but he saw it in the companion's eyes. He grinned. Yeah, the ten-year-old boy in front of you talking rubbish is probably not the thing you expect first thing in the morning.
'I know I look different now but I am still the Doctor. And I need your help.'
He looked at the companion firmly, with the eyes of a thousand-year-old.
'Come with me. Please.'
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A tall dark-haired man was staring at the folder before him. It had bad news. The cover had the name on it - Theodora MacAlister. The name was partially scratched out with a pink crayon, leaving only “Theo”. Everyone in this place adored that girl, they even let her decorate her room when she knew she would stay here for a while. Theo was everyone’s favorite. There was something about her. Mayne it was her spirit, or her bravery, or her sharp tongue. He didn’t know what about her made everyone admire her. But she was sitting in front of him, across the table and stared at the window, thinking god knows what.
She always knew this day was coming. She knew it since she was what? Eight? That half-forgotten time when she was a whole person. Now she was missing a few pieces, but it was hard to tell as she was keen on baggy jeans and hoodies. That change in style was relatively new. All she could do is try to seem normal, so her mother could get a chance to forget for a few minutes. And her step douche of a father would not stare.
‘Are you listening, Theo?’ Doctor’s voice stabbed her like a needle. She looked at him and smiled. Probably, that surprised him. Not many people smile after receiving such bad news.
‘Aye, Gabe, I heard ye’. She was wondering, if she was the only patient who called him by first name. – ‘Me answer is no. No more.’ Her voice was not breaking, she was as calm as she could have been. Unlike Gabe, who seemed upset by her decision. He took off his glasses and pressed hard with his palms against the eyes.
‘But we can try harder, we can get you into some fancy trial.’ Gabe should get a medal for being ready to fight even when the odds are not in the favor. He is the one to go above and beyond. Maybe that’s why he left pediatrics when Theo became too old, to keep monitoring her. To keep being her doctor. She felt like she owed him an explanation.
‘Look Gabe, the whole time me life has been all about near misses. You gave me two years when we met. Then, with the meningitis thing, you told me mum I would not wake up. Then, every single time, ye gave me a little bit more time. I have seen amazing things, truly.’ She smiled with that weird smile she had every time she thought of the other Doctor. The one she had an adventure of the lifetime with. ‘Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye’. Usually she tried not to be to Scottish around him, but she didn’t know the English variation of the phrase. Basically, it meant something like what’s meant to happen will do so, but it sounded way better in Scottish slang. ‘Dinna fash, it is time, Gabe. I am tired. I want the last good weeks or whatever I have left, for meself. Seeing great things, doing something awesome. And puking me guts out and getting bold is not awesome. I know ye have a thing for bold girls rushing to the bucket, trying not to throw up on the floor, but I willna indulge ye anymore.’ Gabe laughed and sat back in his chair. He had that exact chair for as long as Theo could remember. It was posh, with dark mahogany leather and wooden arm holds. It fit him. Gabriel Alexander Woodhouse the third, honorable, was posh by all standards. The way he looked, the way he talked, the way his name sounded. Theo still had no idea what the stupid title “honorable” meant. When you are in and out the hospitals, it’s hard to keep in sync with school stuff, so, British peerage system was sort of unfamiliar.
‘Is there anything else, besides my med skills, that can be of use to you?’ He straightened up and looked at her. The same way he looked at her for years. It made her realize how much she will miss him.
‘Okay, I am playing the terminally ill card on ye so ye canna shut me up, Gabe. First of all, this’. She lifted a bag from the floor and put it on the table. The bag made a weird sound as she unzipped it. The furry head poked through the opening and started curiously sniffing everything around. ‘Ye are taking the Bear with ye. And before ye start the talk on hospital policies, I want to say that this cat is way healthier than any patient in here.’ Gabe looked at the dark brown Persian cat and nodded. The fact that Theo had never used the sick card on him, helped. She used it on everybody else multiple times though. She felt a huge relief. She wasn’t sure Gabe would take her cat and she had no one else to trust the Bear with. ‘See ye around, Gabe. Wouldna call it a pleasant journey, but it surely was eventful’ - She rushed away. As fast as she could. She knew Gabe would understand that leaving the Bear behind was excruciating. It was way harder than dying. However, she stopped at the door, her hand on the handle. She realized she would hate herself if she didn’t at least turn back right now. Theo turned around for one last look at her cat. And like that, she was gone.

The tiny flat in the shithole neighborhood was gloomy and depressing. It was cluttered with medical supplies and reminded of a hospital room. Theo unlocked the door and stepped inside. It was the best time to be at home. Mom was at her friend’s attending the book club, which is a code for drinking wine and gossiping. Step-dick was at work, he was a security guard. Way before that he was in the army and later, for a couple years, he was a guard at the Buckingham Palace. Well, he was a clown the tourists came to photograph when the guards changed. Now he was a shadow of what he used to be. Now he had a pornstache, a beer belly and a look full of disappointment. So yes, this was the best time to leave. All those years she was fighting hard for her mother. She still remembered the worst time when nobody thought she would make it. She remembered her mom bending over and saying it was okay to let go. Basically, that was what Theo wrote in the note she put on the coffee table. It is okay to let go. She wanted some time for herself. Away from meds, tubes and needles. So, she took off her jacket and sat on couch. Theo tapped her finger on her ankle and felt the familiar hard surface of her prosthetic. She touched a tiny key hanging from her necklace. It was her TARDIS key. She would often touch it and think of the Doctor. At first, she expected to hear the woosh sound nearby, then things got worse and she stopped expecting it. Now she is better for a little while and she waits again. She rubbed her leg under her knee, where her leg ended, and carbon robotic limb started. She was used to it by now. Even to the stiffness of her stump. She needed a few minutes to get it all together. Her getaway bag was safely stashed at her friend’s. All her money was on her new personal account. The Bear was safe with Gabe. Seemed like all was set. She heard three distinct knocks on the door. Who would knock? Step-prick has a key. Mum always forgets her, but she never comes early from her book club. Most probably, the neighbor needs something again. Theo was up in a second, which took months to be able to do.
‘Aye, im comin.’ She opened the door and stood there shocked. He was different, obviously. But the look in his eyes was the same. She was different this time too. Way more hair, a little bit older and missing a leg. It was a couple years since she has last seen the Doctor. It probably was way less time for him. He is a Time Lord, after all. ‘This time, I have a condition. After we are done saving whoever needs saving, we are attending me funeral. Just to peek from afar. I want to see it.’ She grabbed her jacket from the hanger. She was ready for one last adventure. ‘Anyway, how did you end up so tiny? Is it hard flying TARDIS being so short? Maybe you need a nickname? Would be weird calling a wee lad the Doctor.’ - Theo loved talking, she was always talking. Specially now as she was excited for the journey. A girl who always knew she doesn’t have much time, and a man, well, currently a boy, who has all the time in the universe. They made a pretty good team. ‘Anyway, let’s go. I have one leg and I am faster than you’. She was already half way across the hallway. She felt alive, like she forgot. But she rarely forgets, she is just full of life, waiting for it to end.

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The Doctor grinned. He did not expect her to refuse his request, she was the only person he knew for sure would be there for him. He hesitated a bit before coming here but he knew she would come without even asking what it is required of her. Theo MacAlister had always been a girl with a shocking ability to throw herself in the middle of an adventure or a party with a smile on her lips and a sarcastic joke to top it with. She did not even ask what he wanted a hand with, she just signed up for it as if he asked her to feed his cat while he is on vacation. Well, that would probably be easier for him to do for her but he liked the human analogies.
'Aye,' he said mocking her manner of speech. 'You can see whatever you want, even if it is your own funeral.'
Not that he could understand such a desire. Looking at your own funeral is appealing, however, not the most pleasant experience in your life. Even if you know it will come rather sooner than later. He was looking at Theo for a second just to make sure she was alright but did not comment on that. He knew it was getting worse, he did not need to time-travel to know that or even come here to see her like that. He knew it back then, even though it did not seem to bother him at all. Now he felt weird. Not because she was missing her leg or because she did not look quite like Theo MacAlister he remembered, no. He felt like there was something he needed to pay attention before but he did not. 
'Sorry, could you ask whatever you asked again? I did not get it,' he replied to her sarcastic comment. 'The TARDIS is not as advanced to translate the language of your people.'
He slowed down without a second thought. He was young, at least anyone looking at him would say the same. However, with the regeneration to this form, he had lost a lot. He lost the adventurous spirit that drove him to explore different worlds just to have fun and learn more about the beautiful world around him. Dealing with the problems of the worlds became tiring, though he could not drop this and just enjoy himself. He felt obliged. He felt he was needed, even though sometimes he felt too tired to save a world once again. He felt old, and being a «wee lad» did not really help to fix it.
Ironic, he smiled to his thoughts. He liked the song, even though it was quite old for a lot of his companions. Did he ever ask Theo if she liked Alanis Morissette? Probably she would laugh at him for being 'such a lassie'.
They did not have to go far, he parked the TARDIS couple of blocks away just to enjoy the fresh air before visiting his friend. Theo moved fast like she was used to it. Seemed he clearly was gone for too long. He stopped in front of the TARDIS and gave Theo a long look.
'Will you do the honors?' he asked finally. 'And only when the doors were open, added, 'Welcome back.'
The TARDIS barely changed since last time Theo was there. It seemed weird to change it, even though he did it quite often after changing his personality. Now he was somehow conservative and preferred leaving everything as is. Moreover, he felt Theo needed something of old good times and he wanted to give it to her. She deserved it. Not because she was terminally ill, suffered a lot and even lost her leg, no. She always was more optimistic, more driven, more passionate then he was, even when he felt younger and better. Besides, the TARDIS loved her. That was the one and only thing one should consider when naming a good person.
The TARDIS gave Theo a warm welcome by humming like a small cat who finally had a chance to get to the knees of a long-lost owner. The flashes of all the lights the TARDIS could think of blinded him for a second.
'All right, all right, missy,' he smiled. 'Don't get that excited, we have work to do. Check the fastest way to the Aurora, will you? We are heading for the date I was there last. That would be much of a help.'
He came to the dashboard to get some of the big buttons pushed, however, the TARDIS was working already all by herself. He knew he could count on her. He turned to Theo and gave her the look. He did not know where to start. She was excited, and he was glad to see it. At the same time, he was afraid. He felt like saying some things out loud was much easier before, when they had a common adventure and they both were different. Theo maybe not so much, only on the outside. The Doctor became a whole new person since. Not that he liked it much but you cannot run from yourself even if you have a time machine.
'Grab something, for God's sake. Did you suddenly forget it is usually shaky?' he asked with a tone of a grandpa. 'I will do my best to be quick with the explanation. The Aurora is a planet in Tau Ceti constellation. Pretty similar to the Earth, to be frank. We are heading in the future, quite distant from your present, the planet has been colonized a couple of centuries after your generation. So, let's say, we are going far in the future.'
The TARDIS started the journey and he looked at the dashboard just to make sure everything is alright there.
'For the past five years, there has been a conflict between the government and the rebels. Classic story, one brother betrayed the other and got the throne first. The other one is leading the rebellion since. You probably watched a dozen films that started like this.'
He grinned.
'Yet, the one or the other side still cannot seize the victory. The fights are severe, they use whatever technology they can, seeking for allies on other planets or systems. People suffer, just ordinary people who try to leave their own lives on the planet being torn apart.
That was a pretty common scenario as well, Theo could have seen it just by pressing a button on remote control. All Earthern news programs were full of stories like this one.
'They have the weapon now. I mean, the government. They have the weapon that will ensure their victory over the rebellion. With that, they will probably erase the entire planet's population. Either they will be dead, or never existed. The best option for them is to spend the entire eternity trapped in nowhere. That might happen as well. The behavior of the weapon is unpredictable and it should be used only by one with clear thoughts.'
He knew what he was talking about. He knew how this weapon worked and how to use it for your own sake. He sighed.
'I was there. The planet is in pretty bad shape but that is not my only concern. There are other planets in the same system that will be affected. Possibly, it will be the last century of their existence. Moreover...'
It was suddenly harder to breathe. The Doctor felt uncomfortable but at the same time, he felt the urge to tell it out loud. To someone who would not be judging and who knows about his past. About the Time War and how it ended. About his inner demons. Someone he could confide in. Theo was right there, listening, and he did not want to keep her waiting for too long.
'I was asked to help before but I did not,' he finally said. 'I was tired. I felt old. I refused, and now I have to deal with the consequences of my decision. I have to finish it before it got everyone killed.'  [icon]http://s9.uploads.ru/1T7sc.jpg[/icon][nick]The Doctor[/nick][status]to infinity and beyond[/status]

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She knew the desire to see her own burial was weird, but it was what she wanted. Theo needed to see it and she had no idea why. Maybe she wanted to know if people she left were okay. Maybe she wanted to see it was really over with her own eyes. Or maybe she wanted to be the only living person who got to see their funeral. The reason didn't matter. What mattered is that she had a completely formed intention of doing it. And if Theo MacAlister wanted to do something, she would do it no matter what. Besides living longer then she was supposed to. She has come to terms with death and wasn't scared of it. At least right now. Every time before surgery there was a moment before the drugs kicked in. The moment when she would feel she was about to pass out. At that exact moment Theo always would pretend that that was it. It was her dying. She would take a deep breath, close her eyes and imagine herself turning off the switch.
‘Oi, since when you have a problem with me being a Scot?’ She gave him a perfect impression of a common London accent. ‘Alright, if you prefer, I will rephrase it as I was a Brit’. She coughed to get a hang of it. She needed an anchor that would help her to push away her own manner of speech and adapt a new one. ‘Doctor, would you rather need me to call you by any other name as common people would not understand why one would call a child the Doctor’. She chose the posh English. The exact tone and manner as Gabe spoke with. Theo was always good at impersonating voices. Probably because it was difficult to have much fun in the hospitals and stealing voices seemed like not such a bad idea to spend some time. Theo slowed down a bit, so she would walk alongside the Doctor. She looked excited and ready for whatever came next. For some reason she has never felt scared on their adventures, not even once. Maybe it was a side effect of dying faster than everyone else. Or maybe it was just her being Theo. She shook her head, getting rid of those thoughts. Overanalyzing was bad, it was a path to the rabbit hole, and she was no Alice. She was Theo and she was about to embark on an amazing journey with her friend. Well, friends, if you would count the Tardis in. As soon as she saw the familiar box with that gorgeous shade of blue, she rushed towards it. Theo put her palm right on the sign. She missed it a lot. She didn't even know it before she saw the Tardis standing here.
‘Hello, old friend’ She whispered and smiled to herself.
‘Ye bet, lad’. Now she would call him the lad on purpose. Theo smiled at the Doctor and took off the necklace. The key she had has got some scratches on it. A courtesy of her mum who threw all her daughter's clothes in the monster machine at the laundromat.
Theo opened the Tardis as it was her own flat. Damn, she liked the Tardis way more than she liked her flat. She stepped in and felt at home. Suddenly all her worries were gone, left in the past. She forgot she was about to run away somewhere nice to have some time for herself, away from all the people who were so scared to raise a voice in her presence as she would die right on the spot. Well, besides her stepdick of course. After her second round of chemo, when she was feeling like she was something a cat would spit out, he told her to get over it. Like that was even possible. The least she made herself do was getting used to it. So anyway, Tardis made her feel like she belonged. She walked around it, slightly touching the wall with her fingertips.
‘Aye, a home it is’. She smiled. Her eyes were lit with excitement and suddenly she looked exactly like she was before. A lass who was ready for anything that could happen. So she was. Doctor didn't seem to care about the whole dying thing, which Theo was eternally grateful for. She was okay to talk about it. To talk, not to listen to the stupid condolences and other crap people say when they have zero clue of what they should say. Theo didn't care about the dying thing. It was something that was a part of her life and it was her normal.
‘I’m part android now. Ye dinna think I can take on a little turbulence?’ She rolled up her jeans showing off the badass carbon leg, a courtesy of her insurance and Gabe who helped her to deal with the insurance. The prosthetic looked like something from the sci-fi movie. Also, it has a spacey print on it, a courtesy of the personal customization option at the prosthetic company. All those fancy things made the life a whole lot easier, but no piece of tech would make you forget that’s it’s just plastic, metal and other things.
‘Sounds like a plan’, she smiled at him, ready to dive right into action. There is that stupid stigma she always hated. People think that dying people are reckless because they have got nothing to lose. Quoting Theo, it is bullshit. They have got to lose way more than others because don’t have much time left and they know it. So, they are always in a rush, chasing not death, but experience. They want to do more before the death finally sneaks up on them to tap them on a shoulder saying “oi, mate, it’s time to go now”.
Theo had to grab onto some metal thingie to not to fall on the floor. Well, as always, the Doctor was right. Tardis has a unique personality and she is quite shaky.
‘We shall destroy the Death Star’, she referenced one of her favorite films, ‘Look, you ‘ave been wandering about, saving them all. Even those who deserved no saving. If ye ask me, what matters isn’t a mistake, it’s what ye do ‘bout it. So, we will rush in, in this glorious blue box. A wee lad, a cripple and one glowing stick that dinna have any resemblance to a screwdriver. I say, our success has been fated’. Theo spoke with a serious voice. A voice some movie hero would use to give a battle speech before the suicide mission, but her eyes were laughing making it clear she was taking the piss.
‘We do the usual? Just wing it because plans are for suckers?’ Theo was used to it. She never had a plan because she never felt like she needed one. When Gabe gave her two years, it was like: “Okay, I have two more birthdays and a dying wish I will spend on something cool” Then she has got more time and it was: “Nevermind, I will get old enough to get to drive a car”. Then it was even more time, every time. She got to graduate high school. Well, technically she watched the graduation ceremony via Skype as she was recovering. And she also missed the prom, but still. Now she knew applying to universities was pointless, pumping poison into her body was pointless too, so, before the Doctor came back, her plan was to run away. That was about it. Just to run, no destination, no plan. She liked the unexpected.

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It felt like good old times. Like there was no parting of the ways, nothing was lost in the meantime, everything stayed the same. Except it did not. The Doctor changed, a lot. Theo changed, he did not know how much. He desperately wanted to feel the same way it felt before that is why he was trying to keep the conversation going as if nothing happened and they just met like they had met any other day in the past before going on a glorious adventure to see the world in all its beauty.
Except they did not.
'I don’t,' he could not help but laugh. 'TARDIS does.'
He lied. The TARDIS loved Theo with all her accent, being a Scot, desire to attend her own funeral. Her strength. Her compassion. Her ability to laugh at the darkest of times. The TARDIS loved her, and so did the Doctor. He used to say the TARDIS could not forget Theo because she bribed her but it was not true, and he knew it. The TARDIS felt people that needed her and, the Doctor thought, each time she found her way to them so they could travel together. With the lost boy whom she had chosen one day, even if calling him a boy in his first incarnation was harder than understanding Theo’s accent. Now it would be more appropriate.
'I tell them my parents are very hopeful of my future,' he smirked. 'And I just prepare for my bright future when I am addressed like that. We are not going to see a lot of people anyway, Theo. Not the ones interested in our stories.'
He got serious all of a sudden, right in the middle of the sentence. He did not want to get into the details just yet but he would have to very soon. He wanted to avoid the moment when he had to be honest with Theo and tell her everything, every little detail about him being a coward and ruining lives of the others. Innocent people. She would not approve of that, would she? He was afraid she would look at him in a very certain way, and he would know they are not going anywhere; Theo is not going anywhere. Not with him. Not like that. He wanted too much of her, he knew that, but he hoped she would understand. If anyone on this planet, it would be Theo MacAlister.
'I won't mention how old I am just not to brag, gal,' he rolled his eyes. Even though he was in a boy’s body, he felt old. Older than he ever felt before in his entire life, and boy it was long. He knew Theo did not get enough time even as a human being, and he got so much more. For what? Was it worth it? No, was he worth it? He watched Theo open the TARDIS’s door and hid the smile in a quick cough. Boy, he missed it. Every one of his companions was different, they were never the same to him. The Doctor had a lot of them, he did not even want to count how many, but all of them were different. Brilliant. Smart. Special. To him, always. The TARDIS always opened her doors for them, and he was always ready to welcome them. He felt the warmth in his heart when Theo was walking around the TARDIS, getting the feeling of being there back. He missed her being there. He missed this. He would not tell her, he just could not find the words but he felt it.
And he knew it could end. Maybe later, maybe right know when he talks. It could and it would, at a certain moment of time in the future. Being pessimistic is inevitable when you live long enough.
He was not very impressed with Theo’s new leg but looking at her shiny face gave him the strength to keep the comment to himself. People of her time were not that advanced technology wise, and he could have found her the better replacement, more advanced, with more features. But would she want it? Where had he been when she needed it in the first place?
'Fantastic,' he nodded. The word tasted familiar as if he was used to saying it before. There were so many things he could not recall, it felt weird. Fantastic. Yes, definitely, he said it many times before.
Telling her what happened and why he had to be involved, felt relieving. After he finished talking, he felt as if the huge stone had fallen from his shoulders, the one he was holding all the time, unbeknownst to himself. At the same time, he was nervous. What would she say? But Theo did not judge him. He was the one who could not justify himself. But her joke set the tone, and the Doctor felt relieved. He felt as if everything was alright and they got this, they can do it. Like they always did. Theo was serious, but he could feel the usual Theo MacAlister vibes even in her tone, not mentioning her eyes flashing with joy and amusement, and it gave him comfort. It gave him hope he could fix it. He would fix it.
'Sounds like a plan,' he echoed her earlier words. 'Let’s get down to business then. We've got things to do.'
He frowned giving her the look. The look meant she said something very true but very inappropriate to say out loud. Probably, she should get used to the boy giving her all kinds of looks because the Doctor became very fond of them lately.
'Yeah, plans are for suckers,' he said, not able to find better words. 'Let’s go.'
He opened the door and stepped out of the TARDIS without even looking around. He was so used to it that he was not even bothered. The TARDIS’s door closed behind their backs. They were in a very small room that looked like the warehouse, clogged with the boxes. He could see the wires, the parts from the mechanisms and even the guns but was not interested.
'We are inside the station that has the machine,' he explained. 'We need to find our way to the control room and see what we can do from there. I don’t have any building plans so we have to be careful.'
He gave Theo the look again, now expressing that he really meant it. He moved to the door but before opening it, he turned around to see his companion.
'And Theo, I need you to promise me that whatever happens, you will finish this. Even if it means alone.'
He did not want to speak about it, he never did, however, it just slipped. He did not even need her response, but he wanted to make sure she understands how much it meant to him. It always did, but today was something different. It was his fault, and he needed to finish this no matter what. What old friends are for anyway, right?[icon]http://s9.uploads.ru/1T7sc.jpg[/icon][nick]The Doctor[/nick][status]to infinity and beyond[/status]



She felt it all over again, that half forgotten feeling of an adventure. The truth was, Theo has never felt as alive as she did in such moments. The Doctor first came into her life when she was in a very bad place. The place that reeks of a lack of meaning. Yes, such things have a smell. To her, it smelled of hospitals. God, she hated that smell. It always meant her clock was ticking. If she closed her eyes she could almost hear it. The clock. But she was fine with it. Living on borrowed time meant she saw the world in a different way, she was excited for the things that casual people thought were just normal. Life almost seemed like a video game. Everything was an achievement to look forward to. Everything was important. The Doctor came and swiped everything away, so every trip she took with him was special. No matter how dangerous it was, Theo always has been grateful.
‘Ye sound like Downton Abbey.’ She laughed and looked at the Doctor. The way he talked was different. It's like he was still the same, but at the same time, was somebody unfamiliar. Hard to explain, but Theo felt both as if she knew him for ages and as if she has just met him a few minutes ago.
‘Oi, don’t take the piss, Tardis loves me and you are just jealous.’ She said with a laugh. Theo was brutally honest about some things and unbelievably unserious about others. At her first day of high school when it was the time to introduce herself to the class she said she was dying, then, laughing, added “faster than everyone else in the room”. That was the main reason why she had friends at school and wasn’t just some weird cancer kid. She has been like this for as long as she could remember. She was like this when she first met the Doctor, and she is like this right now.
‘Only posh people are that hopeful for their offspring’s future. I dinna like posh people. Usually.’ The only posh person she actually liked was Gabe because he seemed real, and all those posh kids at her school cared only about what car they were gonna get. Good thing that her school didn't have that many posh kids. Probably because the neighborhood was shit. ‘Come on, Benjamin Button, relax. The older looking ye was more fun. Ye dinna ‘ave to be all grumpy.’ Her eyes were glowing in excitement. She forgot all her troubles, or she refused to care anymore. ‘Or ye will get grounded, laddie’, it will never get boring, making fun of the fact that she looked way older than him. However, one glimpse at his eyes and it was obvious, he was older, wiser and, perhaps, more damaged in some ways.
She followed the Doctor out of the blue police box and looked around. It was some sort of alien warehouse, but Theo was excited as she saw a miracle, not a tiny room full of boxes. She walked around and tried to open them. Curiosity killed a cat, but Theo was not a cat, and she had one root in the grave anyway, so who cared f a box was booby-trapped. Theo certainly did not. The first box that was not locked contained some sort of a spacesuit. Maybe it was a uniform, or something else, but to Theo, it looked like a spacesuit.
‘Im always careful’, she said with a smile that made it clear Theo was lying. Sort of. She would never jeopardize the quest or put anyone in danger, but if it meant she had to put herself on the line in order to do something good, she would do it. No questions asked. Theo listened to the Doctor. Suddenly she was serious, even the way she looked at him changed. That was a rare sight, the serious Theo. But the things the Doctor said required a response. And she had to be truthful and mean it.
‘I promise. I will make it ‘appen even if tis the last thing I do.’ She doesn’t add that it probably will be the last meaningful thing she does. Its okay. Death is okay, it would mean no more. No more pain, meds, and struggle. It would mean peace. Not just for her, for everyone around her. After she is gone, they can get their lives back on track. And that was a good thing. Well, Theo was not religious in any way, she thought death is just the end. Huge nothingness, the void. Probably she was too skeptic about it. Not everyone appreciated when on Halloween she dressed up as death, corpse, zombie or a ghost. It's their problem they have no sense of humor.
‘Look, ye are old. Like, ancient old. No offense, eh. Probably ye have lost more people than ye can count or even remember. But I need ye to promise me something too.’ She takes a deep breath. The conversation with Gabe was way harder. Not because she cared about Gabe more, because she had to leave Bear behind. Damn, she loved that damn cat. Might seem silly to some, but knowing that someone is there, waiting for you and depending on you and looking at you without that “she’s dying” look in the eyes, was important and kept her sane. ‘If I dinna make it... Lets be real here for a second, okay? Yes, I dinna have long, no need to tiptoe around it. I have made my peace, or whatever people call it. So, If something happens, I need ye to go back in time and get the other me to see it, the funeral. I still have no idea why I am fixated on this, maybe I just want to see for meself that its really over. Or maybe I want to see how many people show up and follow the rule of no bloody crying because I told them not to. Can ye do that for me?’ She mentioned nothing of a dying wish, she would never play that “can I have it because I will be dead soon” card on him. She respected him too much. Not that she dinna respect Gabe, but she had to twist his arm with the terminally ill move to make sure he would take Bear in. The thing with the Doctor was different. It was a chance to do something important, to leave a mark. Even if this mark is small and exists on another planet, eons from her timeline. Theo put her hand on the door that led out of this tiny storage room. She listened carefully, not only for what the Doctor was to say but to the world outside this door. There were no footsteps, no voices, just silence.

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